Hi, I'm Adam

I’m a film/TV/novel writer with a historical fiction novel out now. First person to find the Fibonacci Easter egg and say why it's there (the why is important!) gets $112.35. If you know why it's that amount, you already have a leg up on the competition.

Some of my projects:

The Divine Proportions of Luca Pacioli

Luca Pacioli stood beside the great Leonardo da Vinci and gazed at The Last Supper. He saw immediately that something was terribly wrong.

An orphan from a small town in Italy, Pacioli came of age during the Renaissance seemingly destined for a life of struggle and obscurity. But Pacioli had the good fortune of meeting mentors who recognized his uncanny ability with numbers and introduced him to renowned artists and philosophers, royalty, and popes.

At a time when many still used Roman numerals and colleges didn’t even teach mathematics, Pacioli was determined to share his passion and make it accessible and understandable to all. Apprentice to an artist, but a terrible artist himself, he became a master at calculating mathematical perspective in paintings. Tasked with teaching mathematics with no textbook, he wrote his own—followed by books on double-entry bookkeeping, chess, and the divine proportion

In this way, Luca Pacioli, “the father of accounting,” still has something to teach us—not just about mathematics—but about how we account for setbacks in our lives and how we determine what our legacy will be.

"Parker does an excellent job...A well-imagined celebration of Pacioli’s life and philosophy."

-Kirkus Reviews

Available here:

I've been hired to write a novel based on The Wasteland, a musical about T.S. Eliot

It's the roaring twenties, and London's elite enjoy a Great Gatsby lifestyle where more-is-more and greed-is-great. Poets like Robert Frost are the rock stars of the time, attracting several thousand fans to a reading. Gay nightclubs called Pansy Clubs titillate. A youth sub-culture, the Bright Young Things, thrives. But beneath the veneer, fascism's message of national, traditional values, return to former greatness, and violent intolerance is beginning to rise.

The story chronicles the extraordinary career and devastating life of T.S. Eliot, one of the greatest English language poets in history, caught in the whirlwind of a world poised to destroy itself.

Rosaline & Juliet

ScreenCraft Public Domain Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist

Rosaline & Juliet is a musical comedy about the real love story behind Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Like Wicked or Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, the story wraps itself around a piece of literature. What if Juliet only married Romeo to bring peace to Verona? You may remember from your high school English class that Romeo was in love with Rosaline before he lays eyes on Juliet and falls madly in love with her instead, but what Romeo doesn’t know in this musical comedy retelling is that Rosaline and Juliet are already in love with each other and that when he hits on Juliet, she has a revelation: if she gives into Romeo’s advances, it could bring peace to Verona and end the civil war between the Montagues and Capulets.

The Baby

Semifinalist for the Horror Award at the Austin Film Festival

The Baby is a psychological thriller about a woman who discovers her unborn daughter has supernatural powers.

Untitled Pietro Belluschi Novel

I've been commissioned to write a novel about 20th-century architect Pietro Belluschi, Italian architect and leader of the Modern Movement in architecture that was responsible for the design of over 1,000 buildings.


Nicholl and Final Draft Big Break Quarterfinalist

Leo is a feature screenplay about the tragic story of Leonardo da Vinci and the woman he never expected to love. Determined to paint a simple portrait of a merchant's wife after a string of artistic failures, Leonardo embarks on what will become the most heart-wrenching work of his life: painting the Mona Lisa.

Nicholl feedback: "A fascinating focus on the relationship between artist Leonardo and his most famous subject – the woman who will be the enigmatic Mona Lisa. Solving one of the great art mysteries of all time is done here with skill and imagination, investing the reader in the unlikely growing attraction between the two legendary figures."

The Emerald City

The Emerald City is an ensemble hour TV drama about six assistants in Hollywood who hustle to make a name for themselves in an industry that doesn’t care who they are. If the soul-crushing circumstances, crazy bosses, and insane hours weren't hard enough to manage, their personal dramas may burst these dreamers' bubbles for good.

Blacklist feedback: "This script showcases an incredibly distinct, strong, and natural storytelling style, introducing conflict and characters with ease and authenticity. The author very briefly and succinctly provides all the information necessary to understand each member of this dynamic ensemble cast, using specificity of detail and unique conflict to clearly get across who each character is and what they want...The script elegantly balances humor and heart."


I wrote the “Bringing Up Baby Dragon” episode of CLASH-A-RAMA!

And you can watch it here!

About me

A lot of people like to say that they grew up in the middle of nowhere, but I have The Washington Post article to prove that northeastern Montana actually is: https://goo.gl/3zAdBx

I specialize in writing historical fiction, partly because I love finding a dusty, old book in the back of a library, and partly because it helps me make sense of the world: where we are and how we got here.

That doesn't stop me from writing the odd comedy or two, or more recently, a musical...

Reach out if you'd like to hear more:)